Tables & Benches

Natural Environments Landscaping of Fargo offers a wide variety of stone tables and benches. Ornate or simple, each is a work of art—in its own right. Guaranteed to enrich your garden or outdoor living space with a strong sense of foundation and style. Be sure to see our large selection of beautiful hand-painted Italian patio tables – the perfect finishing touch and a wonderful taste of Italy for your patio or gazebo.

Benches Garden Accessories Fargo ND NEL
Gazebo Archway Trellis Garden Accessories Fargo ND NEL

Gazebo, Archway, Trellis

We offer grand iron gazebos, garden archways, and trellises. These amazing pieces will definitely put your garden decor a step ahead of the “Jones’”.

Bird Baths & Bird Feeders

If you are interested in attracting native birds, we have a large variety of bird accessories. Our birdbaths vary from small ornamental to larger dominant pieces and they are fabricated from glass, copper, stone, cast stone and more.

We also offer a large variety of bird feeders — glass ornamental, copper, squirrel proof, and window pieces.

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bird baths garden accessories Fargo ND NEL