Outdoor Landscape Lighting Accents Your Outdoor Spaces

Your outdoor living spaces will be dramatically enhanced with a well-designed, low voltage lighting system from Natural Environments Landscaping. We offer a large selection of high quality outdoor lighting in custom materials such as copper, bronze, stainless steel, and hand-blown glass. Let us design and install the perfect outdoor lighting system for your home. To discuss landscape lighting options and ideas, contact us online or call 701-237-6994 for an appointment.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape

Outdoor Lighting brightens the evening, and extends your family’s time in your home outdoor living spaces.
Curb appeal
Outdoor Lighting adds to the inviting charm and value of your home.
Landscape Lighting highlights art, the architecture of your home, and trees.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting enhances visibility in areas used most, such as your families’ grilling and eating areas. By lighting your backyard, you will add a significant amount of additional living space at night.
Safety and Security
Outdoor Lighting along sidewalks and steps helps prevent trip and falls, and provides additional home security for your family.

4 different Outdoor Lighting features to enhance your garden or patio

Path Lighting Landscaping Fargo ND NEL

Path Lighting

These are low impact lights that face down and are used for pathways, walkways, and water features.

Area Garden Lighting Landscaping Fargo ND NEL

Area Lighting

These are lights that light up a general area like a flower bed or eating area.

House Lighting Landscaping Fargo ND NEL

Wall Lighting

Flood lights and wall lights are used to wash a wall with light.

Spot Lighting Tree Landscaping Fargo ND NEL

Tree or Spot Lighting

These fixtures are called up and down lights.