Flagstone Walkways by Natural Environments Landscaping

Flagstone walkways and paths enhance your landscape project and add value to your home. The designers at Natural Environments Landscaping in Fargo will plan your flagstone walkways and paths using real, natural stone. We will guide you in the width, purpose and shape of your paths and walkways. A walkway’s purpose is to divide and define spaces in the landscape. It organizes the way the landscape is viewed, and enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Flagstone walkways and sidewalks can be graceful, curving garden paths or utilitarian paths to a garage. In any case, your walkway needs to be durable and safe. A walkway should hold up through seasonal changes, and provide a well-drained surface that is easy to walk on and maintain. Walkways and paths to backyard children’s play areas could be a filled with soft wood bark that is easy on the knees of impatient children.

A relaxed, inviting stroll in the garden might be best traveled by following a natural flagstone walkway made with flat stones that meanders from one prized plant to another. For a consultation, please contact us or call 701-237-6994 for an appointment.

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